What's With the Name?

Several years ago I decided to open a shop to sell my handmade jewelry.  Yay!  Designing the jewelry was the easy part - I love to make it and love to share it!  However, I spent lots of my itsy-bitsy brain power trying to come up with a name for my shop.  I researched, I jotted down ideas, I asked friends and family for suggestions, I doodled in my notebook, drank lots of coffee, drank several martinis... nada.  I didn't like anything I came up with.  I wanted a shop name that was special to me, one that really meant something, but still made sense for a jewelry shop.  Ya know?  And nothing I could think of fit.

So I stopped thinking. 


That was better!

And I just kept creating new pieces that would eventually end up in the shop-with-no-name.

One morning as I got in the car for work, I reflected back on all the things I did to get ready.  Smacked the alarm a few times, groggily poured myself some coffee, showered, did my hair and makeup, tried to find something to wear.... and finally, picked out my jewelry

The very last thing I do every time I am about to head out the door is chose my jewelry for the day and take a last peek in the mirror.  That last look is the one that helps me mentally prepare myself to face the world outside my snug little home.  That last reflection that I see, right after I clasp my necklace and put on my earrings, THAT is the reflection I want to be as beautiful as possible.  Even if my hair is frizzy, or I have bags under my eyes, my jewelry always makes me feel pretty and pulled together.  Beautiful, even. 


I had it - the name that was special to me, that reminded me of why I love to create jewelry in the first place.  The daily ritual of a last peek in the mirror to give me confidence and to let myself know that I was ready to conquer the world led me to the name of my shop.

Every single piece of jewelry I make is made with love and the hope that, when you wear it, you will feel your inner beauty radiating forth. 

Do we need beautiful jewelry to feel pretty? 

No.  But, to me at least, it helps.  And I will take all the help I can get.  :)

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

I love the story of your shop name! I wear a lot of my own jewelry, too, but whether it is my own or not, it makes me feel pretty and put together. I struggled for the name of my blog and shop, too. You probably read it on my blog profile, but my last name is Lucero and some 1st graders I taught called me Mrs. Loose Sparrow. My husband has Native American roots, so I thought this was adorable! I also have newfound freedon to experiment and fly with my art since I am resting from full-time teaching. Interesting fact though: I have a bird phobia!

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