Thursday, July 24, 2008

Excitement and Excuses

I am very VERY excited as I am working non-stop on getting boat loads of jewelry made for a consignment order! Eeeee! Many thanks for the opportunity from BecharmedStudio, who totally hooked me up with a bead shop in her area! Woot!

My hands are sore from working with beads and wire and pliers and more beads, but I am loving it! I'm so inspired to make new creations to send and I am making extras to list in my shop! Listings coming soon!

I totally just pulled out my camera to take a picture of the massive amounts of beads and stray findings on my desk, but the battery is dead. I will post some pics when the battery has charged up, if I manage to conjure up some willpower to find my charger.

Instead, may I appease you with some pictures of my sweet doggies?


(I have no clue what that white stuff is on Poppy's nose. I'm sure she rubbed it off on the carpet later.)

1 comment:

BendingPeak said...

So odd, I feel like I have read this before. Glad you are enjoying working with your hands!

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