Friday, June 6, 2008

Free Gift from Featured Seller: beatblack

I love to get gifts, I love to give gifts, and I love helping to promote some of my favorite Esty shops!

I have been very fortunate to receive some awesome samples from beatblack's shop, which I can't wait to share with my customers!

The next ten customers who order from my shop will receive one of beatblack's completely adorable Truffle Charms as a free gift with purchase!

The detail on these tiny truffles is truly amazing - I can't stop looking at them! They look so real, you can almost smell the chocolate.

(So real, in fact, they kinda made me mess up my diet yesterday, because I started craving chocolate and finally I could no longer resist the bag of M&M's I had stashed in the pantry.)

I'm gonna have a hard time not keeping all these charms for myself, so I have to blog about it to keep myself honest!

(Not really.)

(Ok, really.)

I love beatblack's shop, it's hard to imagine how much time it must take to make such perfectly detailed pieces. One of my fav's is her Striped Tie Necklace:

How cool is that?!
Even my husband said,
"Oooooooo - that's really neat! I like it! It's cute!"
(Don't tell him I told you.)

I am excited to give a Truffle Charm to my next ten awesome customers!
I love my customers, and I know they will adore these charms as much as I do! (Hide your M&M's so you will have a backup stash prepared in advance.)

Just buy anything from my shop and a Truffle Charm will be included with your shipment as a free gift! :)

Or go straight to beatblack's shop*, since I guarantee you will fall in love with her work!

(Just don't forget about little ol' me. Hint, hint.) ;)

*See my sidebar for more items from beatblack!


Ted & Laura said... I need chocolate...sigh.


Beat Black said...

sorry about the M&M's thing, lol.
thank you so much for writing about me in your blog. You really are making my week with all your kindness!!! You're the bestest :)


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