Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I luvs me some good deals

My day has been pretty hectic, so instead of a carefully thought out post, you are going to get something completely random. Even I don't know what all I am going to say - but hey, that means I'll be just as surprised as you are! Surprise, self!

A few days ago I read this awesome thread in the forums about business cards, and lo and behold, I was sucked into the Vistaprint Vortex of DOOOOOOOOM. Well, doom insofar as it ATE MY DAY. I am not kidding you, people, I was on that website for 7 straight hours. I even turned down fried chicken because I was too preoccupied to stop and eat. I NEVER turn down fried chicken. Unless it's soggy fried chicken, but I digress.

Why would I do such a crazy thing, you ask? Only because I got the most AMAZING free stuff! Yup, FREE! (Are you learning that I am fond of the caps key? I am. The caps key is my FRIEND. I am also prone to run-on sentences. You've been warned.) Anyway, back to the free part - here's the loot I scored:

  • 250 LookingGlassJewels business cards
  • 250 VarmitsAttic business cards (my other shop)
  • 100 postcards
  • 10 magnet calenders
  • 10 note cards
  • 1 rubber stamp
  • 1 sticky note pad
  • 1 customized pen
ALL TOTALLY FREE!! The only items I paid for were return address labels for my two shops and shipping!
Grand Total: $25.24 (!!!)
Price before discount -$103.91 + $16.26 freight
That's $94.93 that I saved!
Do you know how much I can buy with $94.93? I sure do!

I am so freakin' proud of myself. Read the forum thread here, and then dig around on the Vistaprint website. Check out the "Free Products" section on the left hand side. There's a bunch of great offers there. I found more hidden deals just messing around looking at other stuff. (Hopefully it won't take you 7 hours, I spent a lot of time designing my layouts and kept changing my mind and had to start all over. It's an issue I have.)

I've never ordered from Vistaprint before, so I can't vouch for their product, but this is a killer deal and I just had to share it with ya. And I had to brag. I am a bragger.

(And now for more randomness.) (And parenthesis.) (Parenthesii?)

While I originally planned to share photos of my studio, someone came in and completely trashed it today, and I am too embarrassed to share it with you. (It was NOT me, shut up.) (OK, it was me.) (Shut up anyway.) Instead, I will show you my latest project! So new that it's not even in my shop yet! Because I am here writing instead of listing and THAT IS JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. Behold:

Fun and Funky necklace and earrings made out of beautiful iridescent pressed glass beads and antiqued brass!
UPDATE: They are now available in my shop! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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