Friday, June 27, 2008

Understanding Your Crafty Spouse

10 Things Etsian Spouses* Should Know:

  1. Meals are no longer a priority, if you wanna eat, you'll have to make it yourself. Sorry, honey. Oh, and bring me a sandwich?
  2. Spending 14 hours a day on Etsy is totally acceptable, anything else shows lack of commitment.
  3. Wondering why there are no sales? So are we. Let's post in the forums.
  4. Reacting to the lack of sales by spending more money on supplies is normal and quit making those faces about it.
  5. Holding your head in your hands when your significant other wants to open a second shop will not prevent the second shop from being opened.
  6. A good hand massage after hours spent crafting/typing is always appreciated. (Butt massages can't hurt either.)
  7. Sometimes we will forget to bathe. A gentle reminder to wash may lead to us wailing, "But I need to upload more pictures!"
  8. Saturday nights will be spent promoting sales in the forums. Plan on watching TV. We are with you in spirit. (Please TiVo anything interesting. Not that we'll ever make time to watch it.)
  9. The only room in the house we will keep clean is our studio/office/craft area. The vacuum is in the closet.
  10. We love you and love your support. Please continue to love us as we slowly go off or rocker and start babbling about views and hearts in our sleep. Eventually we will shower.
And now, pics of my latest project that left my poor sweet husband deserted until the wee hours of the morning:

Other earth-shattering news:
A few days ago BendingPeak and I met to go shopping, and although all the stores were closed, (wtf?) we consoled ourselves with margaritas and had a wonderfully tipsy time. And she gave me one of her fabulous pockets! You should be so jealous! Mwahahaha!

And if you haven't seen it yet, please go check out my spectacular new banner, created by the multi-talented and super-sexay BecharmedStudio!

I feel so lurved. :)

*Dedicated to my ever-patient, always-supportive, sometimes-frustrated, super-understanding, sexy-hot-hunk-of-man, truly darling husband. Thank you for feeding me and making me shower. We should totally get busy.

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Ted & Laura said...

Have you been hanging out at my house?!?!

~ Jumpsonbeds

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