Monday, April 19, 2010

Happiness is a free graphic *UPDATED

I found a fantastically wonderful website - two of them actually - that saved my sanity as well as my (formerly) AWFUL blog design. My heart went pitter-pat when I stumbled on the beautiful and FREE! graphics from The Graphics Fairy. Oh how I swooned! And dug for hours through all her clip art. Her FREE clip art. *fans self with handkerchief*

And then. AND THEN. I tore my eyes away from the graphics long enough to see that she also has a blog for free blog goodies!

And I passed out with a mighty *thunk*.

When I came to, I clicked the link to The Background Fairy. Fortunately I had my smelling salts to hand, because this site is as fantastical as the former. I fell in love all over again, and after playing around for longer than I should admit, I finally picked the background your pretty little eyeballs are looking at right now. Isn't it lurvely?

So many graphics I that found I just had to have, even though I don't know what I'll create with them yet. Lemme sho you dem:
As you can see, I have a thing for birds. Which worked out fine, since The Graphics Fairy has so many lovelies to collect and cuddle with! (Mental cuddles, but only because I can't find my printer paper.)
In other related-ish news, I was contacted a few days ago with an offer for a free ad spot on Craftcount. At first I was all suspicious-like, wondering who was pulling my leg and how hard I should kick them. But it seems my cranky doubtfulness was misplaced! So I jumped about for a while and made my husband come and look at the email (while he was watching some dudes beat each other up for a shiny belt, no less) (he was happy for me, but swift to depart) and then I started to worrrrrrry.
What if my ad is ugggggly?
What if nobody viiiiiiiisits my shoooooop?
Why is my hair so friiiiiiiiiizzy?
(If I had smoother hair I could make a prettier ad. That's just how I roll, peeps.)

So I fretted for a while, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and set to work! But. My images were all on my laptop, which is cantankerous. *sigh* My life is hard. (If only I had good hair!) Some swearing and stressing and picture locating commenced, and then magical finding of previously mentioned websites-of-awesome happened, and now I present you with my completed 150x100 pixel ad!
I'm pretty proud of myself, I must admit. Especially since I am a dork and can only use Paint to create and edit graphics. I would love love love your feedback - even negative feedback... I've stared at it for so long I've lost perspective. And my hair is messy. So. You know. I need all the help I can get. Or a hairstylist.
(Both. I need both.)

(And a nap.)
In the meantime, my ad has been sent off and I will be informed as to when it will be up at Craftcount! I'll let you know as soon as I find out when it will be on the site, and you can join me in my happy dance! (Watch out though, I am a terrible dancer and have no rhythm whatsoever. True story.)
Oh, I almost forgot! I also created a new banner for my shop! Pop on over to check it out!

My add will be running on
Craftcount from April 27th through April 30th! Weeee!


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Thanks so much for the lovely mention about my blogs!! I'm so glad you found a background that you could use here on your site.
Great job on your ad, I can't imagine that anyone could resist clicking on it, it's just that pretty!!

Looking Glass Jewels said...

Thank you so much Karen! You made it all possible!

Susan Schrock said...

Thanks so much for sharing those websites - I can't wait to design an ad of my own.

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