Friday, April 30, 2010

Looky what I did today!

I created some new buttons today!  If you would like to add my new button to your blog, here's how!

To add a button (in Blogger):
  • Copy the code below (choose larger or smaller button)
  • Go to Layout
  • Select " Add a Gadget"
  • Select "HTML/Javascript"
  • Paste the code you copied
Larger button:

Looking Glass Jewels
Smaller Button:
Looking Glass Jewels

Please leave a comment or email me
 if you have any questions!

Want to create your own button to share on your blog?  I used this great tutorial from A Heart For Home to create mine!  It was a huge help to me, I hope it helps you as well!  Of course, if I can answer any questions about how I created mine, I am happy to do so!

Thank you! :)

P.S. Here is another extremely helpful tutorial with great blog tips & tidbits from My Repurposed Life that really helped me!  It is truly worth the read!

1 comment: said...

yay! you learned how to do a button! I've not done that yet. My button was a birthday gift from my daughter! :) As was my wonderful banner/header.
thanks for the link!

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